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5. Peter Pott, Art Collector of Danzig - Sander Erkens

Peter Pott (c. 1715-1800),

Art Collector of Danzig

Sander Erkens


While researching Danzig and Poland, the first chapter of the digital edition of Horst Gerson’s seminal publication entitled Ausbreitung und Nachwirkung der holländischen Malerei des 17. Jahrhunderts, an attempt was made to trace all of the art works mentioned by Gerson in the chapter in question and then to introduce them to RKDimages. It was also attempted to add new information about collectors mentioned by Gerson to RKDartists&, along with a portrait when possible. One of these collectors was a certain Pott, whom Gerson mentioned only in connection with a work by Rembrandt which is to have been in the former’s collection. Further research supplied additional information about this collector, which is here set forth along with an overview of all the known art works that formed part of his collection.1


The most important sources for this article are Von Holst 1934, Chodyński 2002 and Straubel 2012.

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