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5.4 Conclusion

Thus concludes this survey of the known works from the Peter Pott collection that were auctioned in 1762 and 1763. It is striking that only four of the nineteen works were created by a Dutch artist, since it is generally assumed that Dutch and Flemish paintings were the ones best represented in the art collections of Danzig.1 It could be relevant in this context that Von Holst only included paintings by known artists or ones that were attributed to artists known by name.2 It remains unclear how and where Peter Pott purchased his art works, but it is not unlikely that his still unidentified father may have played a part. This is all the more likely seeing that works of art, once acquired, rarely left the boundaries of Danzig despite the many art auctions that were conducted in the city during the second half of the 18th century.3 It is to be hoped that this sketch of the activities of the ‘famous collector of paintings, drawings and engravings Peter Pott´, constitutes a contribution to the still relatively obscure history of collection activity on the part of the rich burghers of Danzig in the 18th century.4          



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