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5.2.1 Salomon Wegner

Von Holst identified the work by the local artist Salomon Wegner, a tronie or study of a head, as a painting from the collection of Jacob Kabrun jr [i] that is to have been in the collection of the Stadtmuseum in Danzig in 1934.1 Should this prove correct, the work must have been acquired by Kabrun at some later date, as he was not born until 1759 in Danzig, where he died in 1814.

Gilles-Louis Chretien   , Portrait of Jakob Kabrun jr. (1759-1814), 1810

Gilles-Louis Chretien  
Portrait of Jakob Kabrun jr. (1759-1814) 1810
physionotrace / paper, 100 x 85 mm
bottom (positional attribute) :  Dess. et gr. p. Chretien inv. du Physiontrace rue S honore en face l'oratoire n°45 à Paris
Muzeum Narodowe w Gdańsku, Gdańsk


Von Holst 1934, p. 63. It is not clear how Von Holst arrived at this identification. Nor does he offer supporting information in the form of a catalogue or inventory number.

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